Observe, orient, decide, and act in sync

Achieve seamless interconnectivity between every warfighter, platform, and node so your teams can collaborate and move as one
Because connection is your most valuable asset

In the most critical moments, the sharing of information across air, land, and sea can make or break your mission—and be the difference in saving a life.


That’s why we make it our mission to find better ways to keep forces effortlessly interconnected, especially when the stakes are at their highest.

inside military base control room using satellite on computers
Secure, scalable communications to maximize your collective strength

We deliver the resilient solutions our mission partners need to operate as a successful team in challenging environments. From broadband satcom to tactical networking to advanced cybersecurity, everything we offer is designed to help ensure you’re connected when it matters most.

Harness the power of our defense and commercial expertise

With over 35 years of defense experience plus cutting-edge commercial capabilities and extensive R&D, Viasat is a military partner unlike any other.

Your Viasat team will consist of veterans working alongside the best and brightest engineers and technologists. It’s a rare combination that gives you the best of both worlds for meaningful mission outcomes.


Not your typical defense contractor

Unlike traditional military “suppliers,” we’re a true mission partner.

It’s not about checking the boxes or meeting a specific requirement. It’s about closely collaborating on your problem and solving it in the best possible way. The solution just might be a breakthrough technology you didn’t know was possible.

And as your needs evolve, so will we—adapting and delivering in real time to keep you moving faster and smarter than the adversary.

Connectivity across every domain

Your battlespace is everywhere—and so are we

Enhance your connectivity from sea to space

Reach out to learn more about how we can better connect your teams and technology in every domain.

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